Mehendi Umbrellas Accessories Porcelain


Using painted art embedded into ordinary life. I try to ensure that the flaws of us had a nicer day. This art teaches us to perceive details and enjoy the trifles.

In my work you will find works created intuitively,        according to the imagination of the customer, but also painted in colors by date of birth.


It is used in Indian wedding celebrations, where Mehndi is considered the most meaningful way of seduction and celebration of femininity.

Mehndi design I transfer to my work quite often.

I was tempted by its demandingness and its flexible use in creating new themes.

Mehndi is part of my works, she caresses you for the soul, will please your eye and will give you a lot of emotions.


In rainy weather you will definitely elevate the mood when around you see the color and joy.

The painted umbrella is just what you enchant your surroundings and stand out from the crowd.

If you are a soul who likes energy, colors, joy and exceptional,

I will create a work for you that will accompany you in the cold weather.


Fashion accessory is often most major what gives you confidence and courage.

If the fashion accessory is painted and created to your imaginations, it will perfectly expel you from the crowd and accompany you on your extraordinary journey with Etel design.


a warm drink served in a Etel cup you will taste better and make you smile on your face.

For a charming atmosphere and a touch of luxury coupled with the narcotic odor of your home, or work will prepare aromatic lamps with a unique design.