About me

Brushes, color and inspiration are things that have influenced my creation. I love the scent of color and the look on the brush, which leaves behind a beautiful footprint.
Brush can form different ornament, different motives, but especially I can paint, what I see and present for you.

Why an umbrella ?.

The umbrella is a thing we use in the ugly weather and why would not I cheer up when I know how? By Painting ..
You will surely get your eyes light up when you look in the rain with a beautiful umbrella filled with colors, it is not the same, it excels among the others. That's my goal to make a rainy day, more joyful, for you, cheerful and full of smiles.

We use ceramics and glass every day.   The warm morning drink will make you taste better if you enjoy it from a cup painted just for you.

my work would be for you or that person only, I will create it in colors according to your date of birth.   Such a creation is exceptional and intended only for the individual.

With Etela's works you can meet every day, try to look around and maybe you are standing by a painted umbrella Etela, or a fashion accessory,   you can just get your warm drink in Etel's cup on your evening visit.